Eurovision 2017 Previews: Georgia

The next song to be previewed comes from the land of castles, wolves and the current Junior Eurovision champions and hosts of this year’s Junior contest. It’s Georgia!!!


Georgia first took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. Their best result to date is ninth place, which achieved in Sofia Nizharadze and Eldrine in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Last year, Nika Kocharov & the Young Georgian Lolitas finished 20th in the final with their trippy Britpop-influenced track, “Midnight Gold”.


The Georgian broadcaster, Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) organised the largest national final in the country’s history. 28 songs were originally selected to participate but three songs withdrew, leaving the final amount at 25. The winner was decided by 60% international jury vote and 40% public vote. After coming first in both votes, Tamara Gachechiladze was awarded the Georgian ticket to Kyiv.


Tamara “Tako” Gachechiladze was born on March 17th 1983 in Tblisi. She has taken part in a number of national and international singing contests throughout her career. She is a member of the quartet Stephane & 3G, who were picked to represent Georgia in 2009 with the song “We Don’t Want to Put In”. However, the group were disqualified for their song’s political references to Russian president Vladimir Putin. As a solo artist, Tamara also tried to represent her country in 2008, finishing tenth in the national final with “Me and My Funky”. Tamara wrote the lyrics for her entry “Keep the Faith”. It was composed by Anri Jokhadze, who represented Georgia in 2012.

Song Review

It’s a good song. Not excellent nor dire, just meh. Tamara has a nice jazzy sounding voice but the song itself doesn’t do anything for me.

What Could Have Been

Georgia certainly was spoiled for choice with 25 songs to pick from and some of the offerings deserved a place at Eurovision. One such example was “White Horses Run” by Nutsa Buzaladze. This former Voice of Turkey participant brought her ethereal diva offering with tinges of Lauren Aquilina and finished second in the national selection. Had things turned out differently on the night, this would have been a fine entry from Georgia.

წარმატებებს გისურვებთ საქართველო!

Do you have faith in Tamara or does she need a divine miracle? Leave your comments below. Stay tuned tomorrow for another Eurovision preview!


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