Eurovision 2017 Previews: Greece

Continuing further south into the Balkans, we head to a country where democracy was born, science began and debt is everlasting (but alcohol is free). It’s Greece!!!


Greece first took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 and will make their 37th appearance this year. During the 20th century, Greece was not very successful in the contest, finishing in the top five on only two occasions, in 1977 and 1992. The 21st century brought the country to new heights in the contest. Helena Paparizou gave Greece its first win in 2005 with “My Number One”. Since the introduction of the semi-final system in 2004, Greece placed in the top ten every from 2004 to 2011. Last year, Argo failed to get to the final with their song “Utopian Land”, leaving Greece out of the final for the first time since 2000 and since the introduction of semi-finals in 2004.


The Greek broadcaster, Elliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi (ERT) internally selected Demy to represent the country in Kyiv. They then organised Ellinikos Telikos, in which three entries were presented to the public, all sung by Demy. 70% public voting and 30% Greek diasopra juries voting decided the winner.


Demy (Dimitra Papadea) was born on August 21st 1991 in Athens. At the age of five, she began taking piano lessons. She continues to take them to this day, along with vocal lessons. She made her first foray into the music industry in 2011, when she featured on Mia Zografia (A Painting) by rapper Midenistis. This song became a huge hit in Greece. She has collaborated with many other Greek artists and has released two albums, #1 in 2012 and Rodino Oneiro (Pink Dream) in 2014. She was also part of the interval act in the Greek national selection in 2013, singing with Dima Bilan, the winner of Eurovision 2008. She played the part of Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family” and is currently starring in “Mamma Mia”. When she isn’t performing, Demy is a law student. Her entry for Kyiv “This is Love” was written by John Ballard and Romy Papadea, Demy’s sister. It was composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos, who composed the three entries in the national selection and several past Eurovision entires.

Song Review

Last year’s entry for Greece was just a blip in their history and this should see them on the right track again. Demy has been on my radar for a year or two now and I’m so happy that she is finally going to Eurovision. The song is well put together, not letting too much away after the first beat drop but instead waiting until the second verse to release its full power. Greece should be back in the final without a doubt.

What Could Have Been

The other two songs in the national selection were no match for “This is Love” but they were still good nonetheless. If I had to choose between them, I would choose “When the Morning Comes Around”. With soaring vocals despite the sad subject of the song, I think it would have also sent Greece back to the final again.

                           Καλοτυχία Ελλάδα!

Is love or hate on the cards for Demy? Leave your comments below. Stay tuned tomorrow for another Eurovision preview!



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