Eurovision 2017 Previews: Lithuania

Just hopping over the border from where we were yesterday, we go to the land of basketball, a hill of crosses and winners (well, these ones anyway). It’s Lithuania!!!


Lithuania first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 and will make their eighteenth appearance in the contest in this year. Their first entry was not successful at all, failing to score a single point. Lithuania withdrew the year after and did not return to the contest until 1999. Their best result came in 2006, when LT United came sixth with “We Are The Winners” (ironic). Last year, Donny Montell finished ninth in the final with “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night”, giving the country its second top 10 placing ever and best result since 2006.


The Lithuanian broadcaster, Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT), organised the mammoth national selection Eurovizijos to select their entry. 49 entries competed over 10 weeks. In the first four shows, half of the entries in each heat were eliminated. In weeks 5 and 6, eight songs qualified to the next round from each show. In weeks 7 and 8, four songs from each heat qualified for the semi-final. In the semi-final, six songs were selected for the final, where they were joined an online wildcard. In all rounds, the voting consisted of 50% jury vote and 50% public voting. Although they did not start out as the favourites, Fusedmarc gained momentum over the weeks and were eventually awarded the Lithuanian ticket to Kyiv.


Fusedmarc are an electronic band from Vilnius. They were formed in 2004 by lead vocalist Viktorija Ivanovskaja, multi-instrumentalist Denisas Zujevas, and visual designer Stasys Žakas. They have won several awards of their career: Breakthrough of the Lithuanian Alternative Scene in 2005,  Best Experimental Band in 2007 and Best Lithuanian Electronic Band in 2008. They are known for their live performances, combining high energy with a combination of musical styles, which they have already taken all over Europe. Their entry for Kyiv “Rain of Revolution” was written and composed by band member Denisas alongside Michail Levin. Lead singer Viktorija also aided in the composition.

Song Review

We had a “Beautiful Mess” from Bulgaria yesterday but today we have a hot mess from Lithuania. Aggressive trumpets, shouty yeahs and a song that doesn’t really go anywhere, all these elements should not be in the same song together. There were worse songs in the selection but this certainly isn’t the best Lithuania had to offer. I feel this is a bit too alternative and random and I see languishing at the bottom of the leader board in semi-final 2. It’s not your brightest hour, Lithuania.

What Could Have Been

For a while, it seemed like hope was not lost for Lithuania. They had a few gems in their selection, namely Greta Zazza with “Like I Love You”. With the same team behind Donny Montell’s song last year, Greta brought an extremely current and fresh offering that stood out from the masses at the start of the selection. But somehow she lost that momentum and only finished sixth in the final. I really think Lithuania missed out on a big chance to get their best result in history.

                                   Sėkmės Lietuvą!

Is the rain of revolution raining on Fusedmarc’s parade? Leave your comments below. Stay tuned tomorrow for another Eurovision preview!

(Sources:, LRT, YouTube)


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