The beginning of the rest of this blog

Hi there and welcome to the inner workings of my mind, otherwise known as my very first attempt at blogging. Before I unleash my thoughts on everything at you, I figured I should introduce myself to you, so that I don’t become some “man behind the keyboard”.

My name is Neil and I am from Dundalk, halfway between Belfast and Dublin on the east coast of Ireland. I graduated from Dublin City University last year with a degree in Applied Languages and Translation Studies. As part of my degree, I also spend a year on Erasmus in the University of Toulouse 2 in France. I am currently still in DCU, studying for a Masters in Business Management.

See, I’m nice!

As you can probably guess already, one of my greatest loves in life is language. I speak four languages fluently (English, Irish, French and Spanish) and I know bits and pieces of a couple more languages but I don’t like listing them out I am not just interested in learning languages but also in translation, developments in language and minority languages. Coming from a predominantly English-speaking country where most of the population is monolingual, I hope I can make others see that other languages are worth learning and that it’s easier to do than you might have previously thought.

All those languages are no use if I don’t have people I can speak them with, which is why I love travelling. I have been to 17 countries so far for both business and pleasure and I have lived in two countries, Ireland and France. I want to share some of my experiences, both good and bad, and hopefully broaden your horizons.

At the airport. Again

Last but certainly not least, I am passionate about performing arts. I am a classically trained flute player and spent seven years between my school orchestra and a national one. I have performed all around Ireland, several other European countries, the USA and China. I am an actor and have taken part in several productions¬†at home and further afield, as both an actor and director. I have done Shakespeare, contemporary plays and musicals. Finally, I am an Irish dancer and a member of one of my university’s Irish dance squads. I wouldn’t be who or where am I today without all those things, so why not share my experiences through the years here?

So much angst in one picture

As you can see, I have quite a bit to “think about”. All that’s left to say, I hope you enjoy my two cents on various aspects of life.